Mean Stack Developer

Job Profile:
Mean Stack Developer
No. of Positions:
2 Years
Job Description:

We are looking for a mean stack developer experienced in building rich interfaces for Internet applications and join our product development team. The candidate should be skilled in the development of highly dynamic backends UI using the latest technologies of Express, Node.js, and Mongo DB. Expertise in MongoDB data modeling and optimization is mandatory.


  1. Participate actively in all phases of the rest of API development in Node using MongoDB as a persistence layer.
  2. Write and deliver Express/Nest code for various APIs endpoints needed.
  3. Strong sense of ownership, urgency, and drive
  4. Working on AWS/GCP/Azure/Enterprise Hosted infra



Desired Candidate Profile:
  1. Continuous experience of 2 years in JavaScript frameworks: MEAN Stack or similar frameworks with a focus on node.js and backend development a must.
  2. Experience in optimization of MongoDB workloads is a must.
  3. Backend Technologies: In-depth knowledge of Typescript, JavaScript, Mongo dB, Express.js, Node.js is required.
  4. Expertise in developing Restful APIs using Node.js and its frameworks like (Express.js) and integrating with third-party APIs.
  5. Experience in handling PostgreSQL and MySQL databases design/development will be nice to have.
  6. Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process.
  7. Good team handling skills with technical coaching and mentoring.
  8. Must know MVC framework, AWS/GCP/Azure.
  9. Hands on experience in Microservice architecture and modular monolithic systems.

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